The Nightmare of Angkrat-Bor


Well. I'm glad you asked. "The Nightmare of Angkart-Bor" was and is several things. At first it was a short story written by a teenager called "I  Will Be Mythrari," which followed a girl learning a safe sea route to a mysterious island through her dreams each night as she slept and by day, building the ship to get her there. And eventually, "The Nightmare of Angkrat-Bor" was a short Dungeons & Dragons adventure which ended up being a fairly simple adventure to a mysterious island to save the place from a strange corruption. Now, you fine folks are receiving a story that is similar but different in many ways. 

"The Nightmare of Angkrat-Bor" is a story told at first through Captain's Logs recorded by the sea captain and novice adventurer Rhea Seahollow as she assembles a crew for her ship to take up a call to action to visit an off-limits island called Mythrari where the Yantali Empire has been for years conducting secret research. But, it's not a story entirely about an adventure--it's a story about adventurers--and maybe there's a few casualties, but we can sweep those under the rug, right?

A rag-tag crew, a wannabe explorer-extraordinaire, and a robot? Is that the best we got? Seriously?

Join, Captain Rhea Seahollow and the crew of the Sunderwulf on a voyage across the sea to a mysterious island where a strange conspiracy lurks waiting to strike from the dark.

"The Nightmare of Angkrat-Bor" is a steampunk fantasy adventure story inspired by the adventurous radio plays of the 1930s and 40s told in four episodes--starting August 12th and coming to you every Saturday until September 2nd.

Let's get the show on the road!


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And, we'll try to make our episode scripts available in the 'Episode Transcripts' section under each story under this page if you'd prefer to read our content instead. But, be warned, we often go off-script in our episodes and throw in a little bit of improvisation.

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Cover art by Clio Urquhart

Dramatis Personae

Rhea Seahollow 

Maiven Van Der Aun 



Cassandra Redmere 


Slythe Darkwood 

Dr. Vos Hakessi 


Mind Invader 

Crew Mate #1: Fergus Dayle 

Crew Mate #2: Shell 

Crew Mate #3: Theodora Hagomoros

Crew Mate #4: Crew Mate #4 

Journalists #1/#2 

Characters from Darkwood's Nightmares


[**Advise: the dimensions and scales may not be 100% accurate**]


This is where our YouTube videos containing audio from each of our four episodes will be visible. 

Episode I: Securing Funding - 08/12/2023

[Listener Discretion Advised: Includes profanity, references to violence, terminal illness, and horror]

In the first part of four in the radio play: "The Nightmare of Angkrat-Bor," Captain Rhea Seahollow assembles her crew after garnering a supple flow of cash from the Principality government.

But, first you folks get treated to a tour of her famous ship, the Sunderwulf!

Episode II: Formulating a Hypothesis - 08/26/2023(two 4 one)

[Listener Discretion Advised: Includes profanity, references to violence, terminal illness, and horror. Contains loud noises and gunfire.]

Part two, so listen up! Captain Seahollow's got her crew, and their ready to get the show on the road (or the high seas rather). The journey to the mysterious island of Mythrari begins but not without a few hitches--hopefully a few of the poor bastards escape with their lives and tell the tale. 

But first, Shell and Crew Mate #4 play eye-spy and Cassandra challenges the automaton C4SS to a good old fashioned game of spider chess!

Episode III: Gathering a Lot of Data - 08/26/2023(two 4 one)

[Listener Discretion Advised: Includes profanity, references to violence, terminal illness, and horror. Contains loud noises and gunfire.]

It's part three. Buckle up, fools! We've landed on the island, try not to screw up, how 'bout. Captain and crew explore the smooth beaches and looming jungles of Mythrari but things go south. Better make a run for the abandoned empire fortress--and maybe, just maybe, learn a thing or two about its last inhabitant. 

Episode IV: Drawing a Hasty Conclusion - 09/04/2023

[Listener Discretion Advised: Includes profanity, references to violence, terminal illness, and horror. Contains loud noises and gunfire.]

This is the last one. Rhea and Cassandra, and their new friend Slythe make their way into the interior of Mythrari. The jungle is rotting and the little frog people of the island need their help. Things aren't looking good, but the solutions are in front them if Rhea and Cassandra can get past their personal hang-ups. We'll see! 

Come along for one last ride--hope we make it back home!


Clio Urquhart (she/they)

Rhea Seahollow

Slythe Darkwood

Mind Invaders

Cody Doherty (he/him)


Dr. Vos Hakessi

Fergus Dayle

Spencer Maple (she/her)

High Prefect Maiven 

Harmony Fisher (they/them)


Stevie Gunter (he/they)

Theodora Hagomoros

Gertrude Carrington (she/they)

Crew Mate #4

Darkwood's Nightmare

Silo (they/them)

Cassandra Redmere

Matthew O'Neill (he/him)

Assistant to the High Prefect

Kimberly Kemp (she/her)

Choota Voices, Background Journalists

Sylvan Des Jardins (they/she)

Fisherman in Jurgen




Transcripts for each episode will be housed below in PDF format when available

[Please note we have tended to go off script and our script-indicated sound effects may not be accurate to the final audio]