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Tall-tales from our ancient scrolls to you...

Our release schedule for Varascope 2023:

August-September 2023 - "THE NIGHTMARE OF ANGKRAT-BOR"

September 2023 - (TBD)

October 2023 - "THE FIRST HALLOWEEN"

November 2023 (TBA)

December 2023 (TBA)

January 2024 (TBA)

February 2024 (TBA)


"like ancient wisdom we forgot to catalogue but definitely need to now" ~ Denver area librarian

"this sounds like it really happened in real life, are you sure this is fantasy" ~ human child

"really, really, wow, can't believe. i've been waiting to devour this for so long" ~ friend of a friend of a friend

"too many f-bombs" ~ Clio's mom

"not enough f-bombs" ~ a 'friendly' neighbor

"i mean seriously..." ~ jocularitous audiophile

"hilarity marked only by brief pauses of utterly destructive realness that makes you think--holy shit--why didn't i think of that" ~ anonymous koi, writer on The Jumping Spider Journal

"special art brings ideas to the audience. that's what this did for me. i'm inspired." ~ local, known simply to friends as Ed

"Moooooooooooooood tbh" ~ former KGB member

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